Fund Raising Week


From 23rd January-27th January 2017 we will be hosting a fund raising week for a girl named Rhianna who has been diagnosed with a rare liver cancer. We will be doing lots of different things throughout the week which are as follows:

  • Monday 23rd January- all of the children will be taking part in a walk in the park, parents are more than welcome to come along!
  • Tuesday 24th January- the children will be making a variety of different cakes to sell to the parents at 50p per cake.
  • Wednesday 25th January-no need to get dressed on the morning as all of the staff and children will be wearing their pyjamas for pyjama day.
  • Friday 27th January- we will be announcing the raffle ticket winners for our amazing parents so don't forget to treat yourself to a ticket!

Raffle tickets will be available throughout this week in the office, just ask a member of the management team and we will be happy to help!

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